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- Prevent fires
- Save Energy
- Save Money
- Increase Efficiency


More than a third of home dryer fires are caused by Clogged,dirty vents. This is such a common problem that the U .S Fire Administration has a dedicated outreach designed to teach homeowners to practice fire safety.

One of their recommendations is regular  Dryer vent cleaning by a Professional. This ensures a thorough cleaning that eliminates the fire risk, which can't be guaranteed when you use an at home cleaning kit yourself.  Protect your homes and businesses by using CLEAN FELLA DRYER VENT CLEANING SERVICE. When your dryer vent is clogged, you may be able to see the built-up  lint and debris in the vent. It can be tempting to reach in and remove it yourself, but it's important to have it  cleaned professionally. The ducting in your home is often long and winding, special tools such as Air line are needed to reach deep into the corners and bends. Having  flexible ducts in your home makes cleaning more challenging.   

Not surprisingly, some fire departments and insurance companies now require  that Dryer Vents are inspected  and cleaned regularly. CLEAN FELLA can provide annual dryer vent / duct cleaning to help you meet these requirements.

We provide dryer vent cleaning services to

Residential homes


Nursing homes



Rehab centers


Clean your Dryer  Ducts and say NO to fire and  fumes!


Clean Dryer vent duct


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