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Hardwood Floor Cleaning

We offer high quality hardwood floor cleaning for homes. We use professional grade hardwood floor cleaning machines that can do an outstanding job.

In our process, we vacuum and spray  with non detergent solutions. Scrub and rinse with our namco 500 floor machine in one pass. Soil is instantly lifted off out of the hardwood surface.

Periodic deep cleaning of your hardwood floors with our system will remove and prevent embedded, abrasive soils from slowly degrading your floor's  surface finish.



Just like carpeting , upholstery  and rug needs to be cleaned and refreshed. Cleaning  upholstery  and Rug on a regular basis extends the life of your  Rug & furniture. Removing dirt, soil, oils and nasty  allergens from  furniture promote a healthier  environment.

Our process and cleaning solutions are safe for  adults, kids and pets.

Whether  you're a business owner, realtor, Property Manager, Landlord or you lease your commercial space. Clean fella can help you get your property clean and ready for the next renter or owner.

Moving is stressful enough. We can help you with the Cleaning. Our move in and move out services include wiping the toilet, fridge, oven, sweeping, vacuuming the floor, trash removal and we will even use our portable heat extractor machine to clean your dirty carpet. For additional price we can take out junks left behind like couches, bed fridges,mattress and so on.

 Carpet Cleaning


A dirty carpet demands a professional intervention

At Clean fella we can clean your dirty carpets in just an hour. We never use harsh chemicals We can treat and remove most stains from Red wine to pets urine.

Removing carpet stains is not guaranteed, but we will do our best to remove all stains.

Why choose cleanfella for your Carpet cleaning

A- Quality work

B- Uniform technician

C- No soap residue

D- No hidden fees

E- Treat clients home with respect

F- Dry carpet in hours NOT days

G- We don't saturate your carpet with water

Lastly, we use green solutions not soap or hash chemicals.​

Move in and Move out Cleaning services
 Dryer vent Cleaning  

professional dryer vents cleaning in Volusia county.We clean your dryer vents right the first time. It is important for home owners to have their dryer vents inspected and clean at least once a year.

Facts about dryer vent fires ..

2900 home dryer vent fires are reported each year in the USA and cause an estimated 5 deaths, 150  injuries and $36 Millions in property loss.

You need your dryer vents clean if...

...You spot lint outside near your dryer vent ​

....It's been a year since you last cleaning

,,,,Your clothes don't dry completely after a full  cycle

.... A  burning scent coming from your dryer

.... The flap outdoors remains close while your dryer is running

We service all residential homes, condominiums and



Service area:

Port Orange

New Smyrna

Daytona Beach

Holly Hill

South Daytona

Daytona Beach shores


Ormond Beach


We clean your  Carpet, Wood floor and dryer vents   Not  your wallet

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